North Ave Beach’s New Restaurant

Shore Clubthe new restaurant and bar venue off North Avenue Beach that overlooks Lake Michigan, will open on Aug. 1.  The space will be open seasonally from May through November and Lisa Jaroscak wants to attract residents from surrounding neighborhood like Lincoln Park, Gold Coast, and Old Town.

Jaroscak comes from a private events background (First In Flight Entertainment) and wondered why the lakefront lacked proper dining destinations. They’ve been working on the project for two years. She explained that Shore Club isn’t three separate restaurants as previously reported. It’s one encompassing concept with three different spaces. “The Oasis” is the formal, reservation-only restaurant. “The Restaurant” is the mid-tier spot where reservations aren’t mandatory. “The Patio” is the most casual. They’re hoping for fast turnover so parties don’t horde the seats with the great views. Hoping to combat squatters, they’ll have a food and beverage minimum.

Shore Club is also offering VIP packages for the Air & Water Show. The most expensive packages runs at $750 for a private cabana, plus the $125 per person general admission.

More info from Chicago Eater.


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