Rooftop Pool & Lounge Coming to the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast will soon have a spot for some prime rooftop pool parties thanks to a new poolside restaurant/lounge from the Boka Restaurant Group (Girl & the Goat, etc.). It turns out that Boka will open not one, but two spots inside the new Viceroy Hotel, with rooftop Devereaux accompanying downstairs Somerset.

Sept. 5 is the first date customers can book a hotel room at the Viceroy, 1118 N. State St. Devereaux’s space has a separate kitchen from Somerset, but chef Lee Wolen is creating the menus for both spots. Customers can order a full meal or grab a snack. It’s not a giant space, but should be comfy.

“It’s not an Olympic-sized pool,” Boka’s Kevin Boehm said, cracking a joke on Wednesday. “It’s a boutique pool.”

Boehm and Rob Katz have opted to go the “boutique” route with a glam decor from 1930s-40s, stating they feel the era just meshes well with Gold Coast. Devereaux will be open to the public, though hotel guests will have priority for seats.

More from Chicago Eater.


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